Treadmill Training Videos
 that Rock!

Welcome to TREADFLIX we're really glad you're here! 

Our mission is to BEAT treadmill training boredom by developing training products that enhance the indoor running experience for runners of ALL levels!  Since an enjoyable training experience is a motivating one, we hope that our products will encourage runners to stick to their training program on the journey to reach their goals! 

TREADFLIX videos are some of the most popular marathon courses in North America shot in HD from start to finish.  Each video contains custom mile markers and benchmark km markers.  They cue runners through various towns, neighborhoods, major streets and interesting landmarks along the way. The videos also provide course elevation changes on the fly so that the treadmill elevation % can be adjusted to bring your body and mind as close to the challenges of the course as possible.  Each TREADFLIX video set includes a 1 hour and 2 hour running time video of the ENTIRE marathon courses!

While all this is cool, one of the aspects of TREADFLIX videos that we are most excited about, is the custom soundtrack of up to 2 hours of original running music created by the band 'Blacklungz'.  The music was created at a specific tempo to encourage good running form by getting you in a motivating rhythm while running on the treadmill.

In summary, TREADFLIX videos are what happens when a treadmill junkie and musician come together to create a training experience that's fun, motivating and effective for runners of any level.

Why TREADFLIX Treadmill Training Videos?

Treadmill Training

As a treadmill junkie, I'm always looking for ways to BRING SOME ADVENTURE to my treadmill training and I welcome anything fun and interesting to watch while running on the treadmill.  Also, I know I'm not alone!  In fact, while treadmill training brings a long list of advantages and conveniences, an overall lack of mental stimulation during that time on the belt is a pretty common denominator with treadmill users!

Like many other runners, for years I had the goal of one day qualifying and running the famous Boston marathon.  A big part of successfully reaching your goals is not only physical preparation through action, but mental preparation through visualization.  So to help runners looking to achieve this goal, or simply to experience Boston on their own terms, it only made perfect sense then, that our flagship video was Boston!

What better way to further develop our line of videos than with the other 2 North American major marathons New York and Chicago

Who would like TREADFLIX Videos? 

We believe that anyone who is looking for something interesting to do on the treadmill will enjoy our videos! In other words, these videos are great for a wide range of runners including:

Newer short distance runners

Veteran distance runners

Treadmill junkies

Occasional users

Of course, there's also nothing stopping you from slapping the videos in, cracking open your favourite bevvy and just watching the marathon courses from the couch if you want to get mentally prepared for the big day!